Our Achievements


Operating in South Africa since 2012, Ensight has been awarded the SA Energy Efficiency Association’s “2014 Newcomer of the Year Award” for exceptional achievements in energy efficiency programs. It is also a 2014 Scholarship winner in the Anglo American Entrepreneur Internship Program for businesseses that demonstrate innovation and leadership in new products or services that can promote development and growth of the mining sector.

Since then Ensight has come a long way and won the SAEE Company of the Year 2015, Project of the Year 2015 also Willem den Heijer (Project Leader at Ensight) won Energy Professional of the year 2016. We are also very proud to announce that Ensight has taken the winning prestigious Australian awards for both, Optus My Business Award – Business of the year 2016 and Optus My Business Award – Export Business of the year 2016.

Ensight had previously won recognition in multiple countries for its innovation in sustainable energy system design.

Our Awards

  • Australian Department of Energy – National Energy-Efficiency Award Winner
  • Australian Government Urban Design Award
  • Sustainable Energy Industry Association – Award for Energy Efficiency
  • Institution of Engineers Australia – National Engineering Excellence Awards:
    • Award of Excellence in Environment
    • Award of Excellence in Energy Smart Engineering
    • Award of Excellence in Sustainable Energy
    • Award of Excellence in Environmental Management
  • ECA Excellence Award – Innovative Project of the Year
  • South African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)
    • Energy Newcomer of the Year 2014
    • Runner-up in Energy Company of the Year 2014
    • Company of the Year 2015
    • Project of the Year 2015
    • Willem den Heijer (Project Leader) – Energy Professional of the Year 2016
  • Eskom eta – Energy Efficiency Award winner – Industry category
  • Energy Manager Today – Top Product of the year 2015
  • Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2016 (Finalist)
  • Optus My Business Award – Business of the year winner 2016
  • Optus My Business Award – Export Business of the year winner 2016
  • Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow List