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Ensight Planting it Forward!

You may recall in January this year Ensight Energy Solutions collaborated with Rotary International to erect ablution facilities at the local Sekusilezulu Crèche in Mzingazi.  This sanitation project is nearing completion and is expected to be in operation by the end of the month.

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Awards for Winning Ideas at RBM

The Energy Saving Ideas Competition was launched in Oct 2016 at Richards Bay Minerals (RBM).  There was a total of 20 entries in the first quarter ending Dec 2016. This competition encouraged RBM personnel and contractors to share their ideas to save energy-related costs within their operational areas.

The second quarter of the Energy Saving Ideas Competition which covered the months of January to March 2017, saw a total of 29 entries.  During March we introduced the entry boxes around the site for employees to deposit their entries manually.  In March there was a total of 24 entries, of which 23 was through the manual system proving that this method is more popular.


Billy Hare, Acting GM Smelter, Processing & Logistics and Kuven Patchapa, Superintendent MPA

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Ensight Part of the Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

Westpac has recognised 200 outstanding businesses that have the drive to help shape the future. We are thrilled to announce that Ensight was nominated as one of the Westpac’s ‘200 Businesses of Tomorrow’ list.

Westpac compiled a list of 200 Australian businesses which it predicts will unlock Australia’s ‘economic potential’. This list was compiled to celebrate Westpac’s 200th anniversary.

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KILL-a-WATT Energy Warrior Awards

Hats off to (or should that be “hard hats off to”…) Benja Luus, (Smelter PCS Superintendent) who won the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award for facilitating the sustainability of a number of Smelter. Ian Mulder, Senior Engineer at Ensight commended Benja for his can-do attitude and his ability to contribute to a multitude of projects that require sustainability to ensure that they continue delivering the energy savings.

Benja Luus

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Smelter & MSP Team Awards

The Energy Leadership Program’s Team & Individual Acknowledgement Awards for the period July – Dec 2016 were held on Thursday, 23rd March for the Smelter and MSP areas.  These awards are held twice a year to recognize teams and individuals that have contributed towards reducing energy costs.

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Well Done Richards Bay Minerals!

The Energy Leadership Program has shown that a collaboration between Ensight and Richards Bay Minerals (RB) has paid off. RBM has hit the R250 Million mark of Energy Savings from inception to date.

Thanks you Ensight team and Richards Bay Minerals for your tremendous support and achieving this staggering amount of savings. We are looking forward to the next R250 Million saved.

RBM Savings poster-23_March2017

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World Water Day

National Water Week was observed from 17th March to 23rd March. World Water Day is an annual event celebrated on 22nd March. It is meant to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues, furthermore informing and motivating them to take action to make a difference in work areas, schools, communities and at home.


Monica Naidoo from Ensight sharing tips on saving water at home.

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Africa’s Untapped Energy Potential – Ashir Daya –

690 million… that is the number of people who live in Africa without access to electricity, amounting to roughly half of the global total of people without access to electricity. Sub-Saharan Africa alone as a region supports 620 million people without access to electricity, where supply is so low that electricity consumption per capita is, on average, less than that needed to power a 50-watt light bulb continuously.

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Energy Savings for Richards Bay Minerals

Good engagement and collaboration continues on the RBM site in Richards Bay which has produced excellents results – R245 million saving since inception to Jan 2017. Ensight Energy Solutions and RBM looks ahead to another great year of energy savings at the same time creating a positive impact on the environment.

RBM Savings poster-20_Feb 2017

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Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award

Kuven Patchapa, Superintendent: MPA received yet another accolade for his role in ensuring that the Energy Saving Projects (ESP) were successful.  His enthusiasm and perseverance whilst working on the projects before, during and after implementation made him a deserved recipient of the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award.

Kuven Kill-a-Watt

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