Ensight Part of the Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

Westpac has recognised 200 outstanding businesses that have the drive to help shape the future. We are thrilled to announce that Ensight was nominated as one of the Westpac’s ‘200 Businesses of Tomorrow’ list.

Westpac compiled a list of 200 Australian businesses which it predicts will unlock Australia’s ‘economic potential’. This list was compiled to celebrate Westpac’s 200th anniversary.

Westpac named its top 20 ‘high potential businesses of tomorrow’ out of the 200 list and was announced at a summit in Sydney. The top 20 will become part of a mentoring program with other Australian business icons including Carla Zampatti, Ita Buttrose, John Eales, Tim Fung and Andrew Vesey.

The Chief Executive of Westpac Business Bank David Lindberg says the Westpac 200 summit is an opportunity for the next generation of Australian Businesses to ‘thrive and succeed in a changing world.

Dillon Bensusan
Dillon Bensusan

Marketing Associate: Ensight Energy Solutions

Dillon Bensusan is responsible for channel development & management at Ensight. His role includes public relations, media management, event co-ordination, event presence & sponsorship, digital marketing, social media management and content creation. He also assists the Business Development department with research where he can. Dillon is solutions driven and passionate about creative communications, problem solving, shaping perceptions, creating opportunities for brand connection, and tapping into diverse markets and experiences. He is energetic, enthusiastic, bright, and on the ball. He’s a quick and careful thinker, efficient and effective, and both creative and competent.Dillon earned a BBA in Brand Building & Management from Vega School of Brand Leadership in 2015.

Contact Dillon Bensusan: dillon.bensusan@ensight.solutions