Is your Energy Management Plan missing something?

Are you wasting 20% of your annual energy spend? The blog shares a unique energy design paradigm that can reveal significant energy cost savings in industrial energy intensive businesses.

Is your energy management plan missing something?

If you are a South African company your energy bill may have increased significantly since 2008. There are traditionally five ways to manage this escalating bill:

  1. Negotiate better prices from your energy suppliers
  2. Invest in onsite power generation to produce electricity
  3. Install an energy management system to reduce energy waste like smart meters, lighting controllers and power factor correction
  4. Change employee attitudes & behaviour towards electricity – turn off lights and other equipment not needed
  5. Install more efficient energy equipment.

These five strategies would typically form the basis of an energy management strategy.

Based on this strategy, Ensight Energy Solutions assists large energy users (with accounts over R1 billion per annum) achieve energy cost savings. On top of their traditional energy management plan, our clients now plan to save an additional 20% of their energy costs – amounting to annual savings of over R200 million per annum.

“On top of their traditional

energy management plan,

our clients now plan to save

an additional 20% of their

energy costs…”

So the question is how can an energy intensive industrial business with a comprehensive energy management plan be leaving 20% energy cost savings on the table? 50% of these energy cost savings are achieved without capital costs and 50% with capital but with a high ROI. This blog will share with you the energy saving hacks that can create a different cost trajectory for your company.

This blog will communicate the business case for energy intensive industrial businesses to explore and adopt an energy design paradigm that adds a new depth and breadth to your existing energy management plan.

Francis Barram
Francis Barram

Chief Executive Officer: Ensight Energy Solutions

Francis is a leading Australian sustainability advisor and published author of “How to Profit from Climate Change”. Francis is passionate about demonstrating that impact energy efficiency can have on improving the valuation of businesses in the resources sector. Through applying economic rigour and strategic, innovative and holistic solutions Francis has demonstrated that world best practice environmental outcomes can be achieved project after project. Francis is an economist with more than fifteen years’ experience in energy analysis and economic evaluation of sustainability related efficiency projects. Francis has undertaken complex evaluation of environmental issues, energy and greenhouse policy. A founding Director of the Energy Management Institute, which accredits energy auditors in Australia.

Contact Francis Barram: [email protected]