Resourcing the Future Workshop at UCT

 Developing the Business Case for Energy Productivity in the Minerals Sector: I am very passionate about showing how energy intensive industries can profit from adopting energy productivity using Ensight Energy Solutions’ proven methodology.

On the 2nd of August, we conducted a 1-day Energy Productivity Workshop in partnership with the University of Capetown. The workshop provided postgraduate engineering students with the methodology that we used to uncover a 70% reduction in energy costs by optimizing converter blowers at a copper operation mine. This  resulted in R10.5 million savings in electricity costs per annum, without any capital expenditure.  We’ve managed to deliver over R500 million or USD40 million in savings to our clients over 3 years.

The Energy Productivity Workshop addressed the six steps that are involved in building a compelling business case for energy projects.

  1. Energy audit
  2. Energy Analysis
  3. System Analysis
  4. Ideal Physics
  5. Best Practice Energy Design
  6. Business Case for Energy Productivity

The workshop was very well received, and subsequently, Ensight has agreed to offer a 3-day version of the workshop on the Business Case for Energy Productivity at UCT within the next 12 months.

Francis Barram
Francis Barram

Chief Executive Officer: Ensight Energy Solutions

Francis is a leading Australian sustainability advisor and published author of “How to Profit from Climate Change”. Francis is passionate about demonstrating that impact energy efficiency can have on improving the valuation of businesses in the resources sector. Through applying economic rigour and strategic, innovative and holistic solutions Francis has demonstrated that world best practice environmental outcomes can be achieved project after project. Francis is an economist with more than fifteen years’ experience in energy analysis and economic evaluation of sustainability related efficiency projects. Francis has undertaken complex evaluation of environmental issues, energy and greenhouse policy. A founding Director of the Energy Management Institute, which accredits energy auditors in Australia.

Contact Francis Barram: [email protected]