Titanium Industry:

Cost Effective and Profitable Energy Savings and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions 

In my last blog post, I discussed an example of cost effective and profitable energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions in a copper converter plant application in the copper industry. What about industrial energy savings in the Titanium Industry?

This case study demonstrates the cost effective and profitable energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions in the Titanium Industry showing energy and energy cost savings of over 25% and greenhouse gas emission reduction of 80,000 Tonnes all without any capital investment. The operation has several major energy users. One of these users is the tails pumping system at the concentrators that remove the tailings from the concentrators and place them back on the sand dunes. The tailing systems use pumps that typically have capacities ranging from 550kW to 1,1MW and run at specific densities of around 1.35. There are more than 48 pumps used in this system. That consumed some 44MW of electricity 24/7 and the system was assumed to be operating efficiently.

The electricity operating costs of the system are USD22 million per annum with GHG emissions of 367,000 Tonnes. Working with the client’s engineering, technical and operations teams, the Ensight team, reached an agreement to implement a different operational philosophy that would substantially reduce the energy waste in this system and improve production outcomes. The testing of the interventions revealed that a total 13MW of energy could be saved.

Through the implementation and testing of several interventions, the following achievements were made; electrical power was reduced by 25% from 44MW to 33MW. Electricity cost savings totalled USD5,4 million per annum. Total greenhouse gas emission savings are 91,000 Tonnes per annum. All these savings were acheied without the need for capital investment. The project had a positive cashflow so the IRR is not relevant and NPV USD39 million at a 12% discount rate.

Significant, cost effective and profitable energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions are possible.

Francis Barram
Francis Barram

Chief Executive Officer: Ensight Energy Solutions

Francis is a leading Australian sustainability advisor and published author of “How to Profit from Climate Change”. Francis is passionate about demonstrating that impact energy efficiency can have on improving the valuation of businesses in the resources sector. Through applying economic rigour and strategic, innovative and holistic solutions Francis has demonstrated that world best practice environmental outcomes can be achieved project after project. Francis is an economist with more than fifteen years’ experience in energy analysis and economic evaluation of sustainability related efficiency projects. Francis has undertaken complex evaluation of environmental issues, energy and greenhouse policy. A founding Director of the Energy Management Institute, which accredits energy auditors in Australia.

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