The Energy Leadership Program at Anglo American Platinum Smelters

Ensight and Anglo American Platinum’s Smelters partnered in an Energy Leadership Program during June 2015.  This ELP focused on the smelters located in Rustenburg, Northam and Polokwane, as well as the Converter plant which is also located in Rustenburg.  Our teams mobilised in June 2015 for the Rustenburg operations, whilst Mortimer and Polokwane smelters followed suit in January 2016.

The Anglo platinum smelters combined utilities account is in the order of R 1,1-billion per year.  They have five active furnaces across their operations with a combined capacity of 197 MW.  Although their electrical energy use account for over 80% of their energy costs, they utilise substantial quantities of LPG and coal as well.  Anglo Platinum also consume R 27-million worth of water per year. Anglo American Platinum’s smelters is therefore a prime example of an energy intensive industrial and mining partner for the ELP.

Since Ensight became active on the four sites, Anglo Platinum has achieved energy cost savings of R 40-million, of which R 21-million was achieved in 2016 up to the end of July.  This ELP has reduced electricity consumption by 5,200 MWh, enough electricity to supply 4,700 households for a year. LPG consumption was reduced by 430 tons whilst 7,300 tons less coal was consumed.  Acknowledging that the majority of the 45+ projects is either under development or ramping up their performance, the results already speak for themselves and will increase drastically in the very near future.

Ensight and Anglo Platinum has started the journey towards achieving our strategic goal of growing over the next 5 years to save 1-million tons of carbon emissions each year.

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