Anglo American Platinum Smelters Partner with Ensight to Save Energy Costs

From the left are Rod Welford the Executive Chairman, Ensight Energy Solutions; Bart Pieterse, ACP Manager; Mark Zaborowski, Waterval Smelter Manager and Bayanda Mncwango, General Manager Smelters.

The cost of energy is steadily increasing each year, impacting negatively on Anglo American Platinum’s (AAP’s) profitability under current economic conditions. As a consequence, AAP embarked on a major drive across its operations to reduce energy use and energy costs in a sustainable manner that will also result in positive environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emission reductions and water savings.

This energy cost saving drive is called the Energy Leadership Program (ELP). AAP’s long-term partner in its ELP is Ensight Energy Solutions.


Phillimon Patson Mukumbe, Smelter Manager of Polokwane.

On Thursday, 26 May 2016, Anglo American Platinum’s Energy Leadership Program (ELP) was officially launched for Waterval Smelter and ACP at RPM Rec Club and 8 June 2016 at Polokwane Smelter’s E-learning Centre.



The Ensight team working at AAP Waterval Smelter and ACP.

Ensight Energy Solutions currently have four teams of energy engineers and measurements & verification professionals based at Waterval Smelter, ACP, Mortimer Smelter and Polokwane Smelter on a full-time basis. The Launch for Mortimer Smelter will be hosted on 23 June 2016 at the Sport and Recreation Club Swartklip. The objective of AAP partnering with Ensight is to help the group Smelters save energy costs, including electricity, coal and LPG. Ensight has been active at Waterval smelter and ACP since June 2015.


The Ensight team working at AAP Polokwane Smelter.

The ELP partnership commenced on 1 January 2016. To date the group has manged to save approximately 4,081,143 kWh of electricity. To put it in a lay man’s language, that’s equivalent to the electricity saved by taking 3,710 households from the Eskom grid for one year. This is also equivalent to switching off 31,000 energy saving lamps for a full year. Anglo American Platinum has to date reduced their energy cost with R 27.1-million.

Not only is the partnership beneficial in terms of energy consumption, there are also environmental impacts to it as well. The ELP helps reduce carbon emissions by reducing the quantity of fuel burnt to supply energy to the various processes at AAP.

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