Awards for Winning Ideas at RBM

Billy Hare, Acting GM Smelter, Processing & Logistics and Kuven Patchapa, Superintendent MPA

The Energy Saving Ideas Competition was launched in Oct 2016 at Richards Bay Minerals (RBM).  There was a total of 20 entries in the first quarter ending Dec 2016. This competition encouraged RBM personnel and contractors to share their ideas to save energy-related costs within their operational areas.

The second quarter of the Energy Saving Ideas Competition which covered the months of January to March 2017, saw a total of 29 entries.  During March we introduced the entry boxes around the site for employees to deposit their entries manually.  In March there was a total of 24 entries, of which 23 was through the manual system proving that this method is more popular.

The winner of the 2nd quarter is Kuven Patchapa, working at MPA Mining plant and his idea entailed a checklist to be utilised when shutting down the plant.  He wins a R3500 gift card voucher.  Kuven was also the recipient of the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior award recently and these accolades just proves he is truly integrating and living the energy efficiency culture at RBM.


Billy Hare,  Acting GM Smelter, Processing & Logistics and Shalendra Bindha

The 2nd prize goes to Shalendra Bindha, PCS Technician, currently working at MSP.  He proposed an official start-up checklist that can run on SCADA resulting in a formalized and standardized format to start up the plant under specific conditions.  Shalen wins a R2000 gift card voucher. Congratulations to these gentlemen!


Billy Hare, Kuven Patchapa, Shalendra Bindha (PCS Technician), Mike Stevens (Program Manager, Ensight) 

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