ELP Awards at Richards Bay Minerals


The Energy Leadership Program’s Team & Individual Acknowledgement Awards for the period January –June 2016 were held last week at the mines on Tuesday at the Core Shed. The purpose of this award is to recognize employees for their contributions towards reducing energy costs within their respective areas.

At the mines, the Density Control project was the winning project having savings to date of R17m across the mines. The principle behind the project is that by increasing slurry density you reduce the amount of water required to transport the same quantity of sand. The floating trophy and certificate was received by a very excited Thandi Mazibuko and the MPA team from GM Mining Moses Thokwane. Thandi commended the MPA team as well as the Ensight team for their efforts in not only achieving energy savings by monitoring flows but also having improved production. Moses thanked Ensight and addressed RBM staff saying it is “crucial” that they work together with Ensight. “Share your ideas with them, they will run with it as they are here to assist with reducing costs, in the end they do not award themselves, they award you!”


It was indeed Women Power all the way (coincidentally being Women’s Month too) when the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award was awarded to Lungi Mdluli, an Operations Specialist at MPA. This award was introduced by Ensight to recognise outstanding employees for their enthusiasm in initiating and implementing energy saving solutions. Lungi was praised for her efforts in always being eager to assist with energy saving opportunities being involved in these initiatives from a process and operational perspective.


The Smelter and MSP area held its chapter of the Acknowledgement Awards on Thursday, 25th August at the Visitors auditorium.

Program Manager, Mike Stevens opened with saving stats showing that the Energy Leadership Program has achieved savings of R194m from inception until end July 2016.

Simon Lebethe, Manager Smelter received the award for the winning project at the Smelter which focused on improving efficiencies around the baghouse fans with a recent milestone being achieved of running 2 fans instead of four. The savings achieved YTD was R1.27m compared to a forecast of R1.02m, (hmm something to tap dance about!) …Just proving that teamwork and working smarter can lead to great savings. The Tap Floor team was the recipient of this award and the following recipients received certificates for their efforts, Brian Mncube, Flip Pretorius, Wayne Buijs, Vincent Qwabe and Georg Basson.

At the MSP, the winning project involved optimization of the Feed Prep Processes. Barry Douglass, Acting Manager Feed Prep & Haulage accepted the award together with the team comprising Thobile Dlamini, Ayanda Shabalala, Colin Anger, Freddie Fairman, Eddie Smith, Kevin Potter, Kevin Aidan and Janelle Jaimangal. This project utilises the Scada system which provides Unitrans with real live information regarding HMC deliveries and bin level control. This assists them with scheduling. The second part focused on the manner in which the feed preps is operated, ie running the right amount of equipment to produce the tons required thereby saving energy. The savings achieved from Jan-June 2016 was R1.2m. This project has seen savings from inception to June 2016 of an impressive R6.9m and it continues to bring in sustainable savings.


The winner for the Smelter was Owen Hapelt and winner for MSP was Dennis Bantjes, both being acknowledged for having demonstrated innovative and collaborative ways to promote energy efficiency.


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