Iron Men at Iron Plant

From Left: Bheki Cele & Tiaan Nkuna

One of the projects under RBM’s Energy Leadership Program is the detection and repair of air leaks. Whenever the Ensight team detects an air leak, a tag is placed on the equipment and the location photographed for ease of reference. A report is then compiled and handed to the responsible person for action.


Air Leak Tag

At midday, on Monday, 25th May, Ensight Technician, Bheki Cele accompanied by the Ensight leak detection team visited the Iron Plant. Seven air leaks were detected. Twenty-four hours later, Verena Naidoo (Ensight Energy Advisor) was informed by the Metallurgist, Tiaan Nkuna that some of the air leak tags had been removed.

When this news reached the Ensight offices, they were somewhat perplexed as never before has there been such a speedy response to air leak fixing. On further investigation, the team was pleasantly surprised to discover that 4 out of the 7 leaks had been fixed in a short space of time AND plans were being made to fix the other leaks as well!

The Ensight team would like to commend all of the team members that contributed to reducing these air leaks. Said Bheki Cele, “They seem to be a very robust, strong team (perhaps Iron Men??) and they have definitely led by example.” A call goes out to teams at the other plants to identify and report leaks to their supervisors or Ensight personnel. Fixing air leaks especially big ones, can contribute to great savings.

To those that use compressed air, please ensure that all valves are properly closed after use. Remember never use compressed air to clean clothes; it often contains moisture and oils which may penetrate into the skin and cause significant injury.

To give you an idea of the contribution that air leak fixing can make to reducing energy costs, refer to the table below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.35.03 PM

*Calculations are indicative, based on variables set by Ensight. Realistic savings are dependent on many system factors.

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