KILL-a-WATT Energy Warrior Awards

Hats off to (or should that be “hard hats off to”…) Benja Luus, (Smelter PCS Superintendent) who won the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award for facilitating the sustainability of a number of Smelter. Ian Mulder, Senior Engineer at Ensight commended Benja for his can-do attitude and his ability to contribute to a multitude of projects that require sustainability to ensure that they continue delivering the energy savings.

Barry Douglass, Superintendent:  Feed Prep and TTP, won the Kill-a-Watt Energy Warrior Award for the MSP area.  Irene Jacobs, Associate Engineer, applauded Barry for assisting Ensight by looking at problem solving through a different perspective and for his ongoing energy leadership resulting in sustained energy cost savings at Feed Preps (module scheduling) and new energy saving opportunities at TTP (pumping system’s need-matching strategy at Tank 1). Barry applauded the support of his team, specifically Kevin Potter for his contributions in both design and implementation phases.

Barry Douglass

In the closing statement from General Manager S,P & L, Joey Kunji-Behari mentioned that Ensight has become embedded within the RBM team and the total savings of R250M on site is a huge achievement which equates to the total of two months’ worth of RBM’s power bills. Keep the energy efficiency culture alive! Congratulations to all!

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