What our clients have to say…

In a recent newsletter sent out on 8 Aug 2016 to all Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) staff and stakeholders from one of our clients (RBM), shared the importance of 5 priorities that RBM need to focus on in order to deliver performance in the face of the economic hardship. Safety, People, Cash, Partnership and Growth.

Ensight’s ELP was mentioned as a critical part of their delivery performance.

“Cash: We deliver superior performance when we treat every Rand as though it’s our own, when we make more money than we spend, and by spending less to produce more. We are trying to bring more money into RBM by taking advantage of those markets that are still demanding our products. Every tonne of zircon output is critical for us! The MSP and mine are busy with improvement projects to support this. The slag plant is working on increasing our sulphate slag output (while decreasing the output of chloride slag) to take advantage of sulphate markets in China. At the same time, we must reduce and optimise our spending – you are all busy in efforts related to reducing costs through Project 2020 (this includes work from the Surge and RTP teams) and saving energy through the Energy Leadership Programme (ELP). We need to accelerate this work to create value now than later.”

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