Leading Transformation

Ever heard the saying, “without change, you can only ever be as good as you’ve ever been”? Such a simple truth, yet studies show an approximate 60-70% failure rate in organizational change projects, as quoted in “Change management needs to change” by Ron Ashkenas in an article for Harvard Business Review (HBR).

“From a financial perspective,

change management projects

are attractive…”

Why is it that so many transformation efforts fail?

We’ve extensively been dealing with change management projects in the energy realm over the past year. From a financial perspective, change management projects are attractive, because they pose high returns on zero investment. From a project perspective, these projects can be a nightmare.

Over the following weeks, we’ll delve into the eight steps to transforming your organization as prescribed by John P. Kotter, also for HBR. We will look at how these steps align with our experiences in the energy transformation business.


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