Our People

At Ensight, we attract people who relish a challenge and strive to overcome them to make a difference to the world. Designing new and creative solutions to tackle complex problems are at the heart of what we do in pursuit of our core vision – creating a more sustainable world. Our staff know that if the world’s biggest global environmental challenges are to be addressed, it will require leadership from the world’s biggest companies. That’s why we thrive on collaborating with workers and leaders in these companies to design resource efficient operations and embed Energy Leadership throughout their enterprise.

Their complex, energy-intensive operations are the source of our inspired learning and innovation. And with this shared learning we cultivate a culture of change for the better – for business and the wider community.You will need to be resilient, adaptable, persistent, open minded and dedicated if you want to survive in our intense, fast paced working environment.

But if that’s what you’re capable of, then here at Ensight is where you can exploit your full potential. If you love diving into the challenge of comprehending complex systems and solving difficult problems, to make a real difference, then Ensight may provide the career you’ve been looking for.