Our Story

In the beginning...

Ensight was founded in 2003 with a vision to transform the way energy is used by businesses around the world. Its two current Directors, Francis Barram and Rod Welford, had already joined forces to advise Governments in Australia on opportunities to expand the economic benefits of energy efficiency and sustainable energy systems throughout the community. Mr Barram had already established a series of businesses centring around the assessment and reporting on the potential for energy efficiency and renewables to provide energy services to a range of different applications.

Innovative thinkers team up...

Simultaneously, Mr Welford was advocating that the transition to ‘soft’ energy pathways could only be driven if :

  1. The true costs of electricity using non-renewable resources were factored into the price of delivered electricity, and
  2. the practical application of renewable energy systems could be cost competitive only if the energy needs of users were delivered more efficiently;
  3. the widespread transformation of energy use needed to be driven by the market in which energy efficiency and renewable energy systems were seen as cost effective for businesses and others to adopt.

The firm went on to undertake a range of projects for facilities ranging from large mining work camps and shopping centres in urban locations to eco-tourism resorts in remote off-grid locations. In the resources sector, Ensight has been engaged by clients as diverse as Chevron, Rio Tinto, Santos, BHP and Energy Resources Australia.

Challenge drives innovation...

By 2012, the Directors reviewed the direction, goals, priorities and business models of the business. It became clear that merely providing audit reports for the retrofit of existing business operations and design reports for the construction of new ones were, of themselves, insufficient to drive investors, developers and business owners to invest in energy efficiency even when it was cost effective to do so. The Directors resolved that they wanted to make the greatest global impact possible in addressing the environmental issues associated with energy use in business.

Three things followed from this decision:
first it would be necessary to tackle the problem by working closely with those businesses that were among the biggest energy users on the planet; second, the way in which those businesses were engaged would need to ensure that change occurred, not merely that reports were delivered to be shelved, and third, that to engage such businesses in a way that ensured their use of energy was transformed would require that a compelling business case could be made for the changes that were possible.

A New Era begins...

This resulted in Ensight reinventing its business to provide ongoing support to energy intensive companies, especially in the mining and resources industries, to implement transformational change in the way they use energy – to save energy and reduce carbon emissions at least cost. Ensight developed its new business model for delivering this service through the first Energy Leadership Program conducted at Palabora Mining Company in Phalaborwa in northern South Africa. Other invitations to conduct similar programs at other mines quickly followed.