Anglo American Platinum

Project Description

Anglo American Platinum Limited (Anglo Platinum) is the world's largest primary producer of platinum, accounting for about 38% of the world's annual supply. Based in South Africa, most of the group's operations lie to the northwest and north of Johannesburg.






Anglo Platinum has three smelters; Waterval, Mortimer, and Polokwane, and one converter processor (Anglo Converter Process ACP), that together form the smelting operations.

Anglo American Platinum Smelter Operations used an estimated 30% of the approximately 20,000TJ of energy used by Anglo Platinum operations in 2014. The total electrical energy consumed at APS exceeds 1,500 GWh. and had a peak demand exceeding 200 MW.

The ELP provides a structured, on-site program of intensive engagement with Anglo Platinum management and staff to capture cost savings from the ‘insurmountable opportunities’ previously unattainable from conventional energy improvement approaches.

Efforts have already been made at Anglo Platinum to capture “low hanging” energy saving opportunities and the business is now seeking to take these initiatives to the next level of energy cost saving. Reducing energy costs across the Anglo Platinum group of companies needs a site-by-site strategy – one that engages finance, procurement, operations and engineering departments in each of the mines, concentrators, smelters and refineries. This is a significant challenge but one that could be worth the effort.

Based on Ensight’s experience, Anglo Platinum could reduce its energy and energy-related costs by up to 15% through implementation of an Energy Leadership Program (ELP). In Anglo Platinum’s case, this equates to about US$40 million, translating directly to an 4% increase in the group’s gross profit.