Wheatstone Construction Village

Project Description

Wheatstone is one of Australia’s largest resource projects operated by Chevron. Ensight’s design solution for the 4,500 accommodation units to house workers for the construction of the full project. A range of interventions were identified and ultimately implemented, providing a saving of 12.3GWh per annum.






Client: Chevron Australia, Wheatstone Construction Village
Location: Onslow, WA, Australia
Business Line: Mining, Manganese Ore
Timeframe: 2011
Project Savings: A$26.7m over 5 years
Breakeven: 1.5 years

Wheatstone is one of Australia’s largest resource projects – providing greater security of supply and significant economic benefits such as employment, government revenue and local business opportunities. Chevron is the operator of the Wheatstone Project and holds an approximate 73 percent interest in the project. Gas will be processed at an onshore facility located at Ashburton North, 12km west of Onslow in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The foundation project will include two LNG trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per year and a domestic gas plant.

By redesigning and transforming how energy is used by the energy system at the Wheatstone Village the following benefits will be realised over the five year lifespan of the project;