Our Services

Ensight’s flagship service is its unique Energy Leadership Program ® (ELP) .The ELP provides a structured, on-site energy transformation program to capture cost savings from the ‘insurmountable opportunities’ previously unattainable from conventional energy management approaches.

The first step towards a full Energy Leadership Program is the Desktop Review. The purpose of the Review is to identify the potential “Prize” – the scale of possible savings that a full ELP could deliver. It focuses on the key question: “Is there an opportunity worth senior Management attention?”

The Diagnostic Phase takes the findings of the Desktop Review and filters the list of conceptual Energy Saving Opportunities with the aim of defining more specifically the scope of work to be undertaken in the core Execution Phase of the ELP.

The ELP focuses on a whole-of-site energy transformation ‘program of projects’. Project execution is supported by a close working partnership between Ensight design engineers and client staff. The Program is underpinned by high quality financial analysis to reveal previously unaccounted for energy system losses and waste; leading to the elegant redesign of energy systems to deliver energy services essential to cost-efficient business operation.

Energy Leadership Program Framework


Key Benefits of the Energy Leadership Program

Deep Expert Knowledge of Energy Systems

A Systemic and Structured Program Approach

Collaborative Engagement that Builds Trust

Reliable and Quantifiable Financial Benefits

An Enduring On-site Presence to Sustain the Benefits

The Ensight Difference


Conventional ESCO*

Ensight Energy Design
External Consultant Collaboration Partner
Short term consultancy Enduring Partnership
Energy Audit Report Facilitated Energy Change Program
External Project Management Tailored Program Governance Structure
Incremental Transformational/Business-wide
Engineering focus Financial Management focus
Energy focus Energy & Operational Improvement
Technology focus Least Cost Energy Service approach
Technology-specific expertise Deep Energy System Expertise
Itemised Plant upgrade/substitution Whole System Optimisation
MW/kW Savings Rand/Dollar Savings
Capital Investment No Upfront Capital Cost
Government Subsidy dependent ROI not dependent on Subsidy
Once-off Retrofit Savings Sustained for 3-5 years
Fixed Fee Performance Based/Risk Shared
Plant / Machinery upgrade 500 trained managers/plant operators
No Legacy of Cultural Change Embedded Energy Aware Culture
No direct link to Business Strategy Energy Embedded in Business Strategy
Standard M & V Reporting Business-wide Performance Reporting

*ESCO = Energy Service Company