Vision, Mission and Values

We aim to make the greatest possible global impact in addressing the environmental issues associated with energy use. The desire to make a global impact is thus seen in the Vision of our company. And the pathway to achieving that vision – by working with the biggest energy users in the world to fundamentally change the way they use energy more profitably – is captured in our Mission.

Our Vision

Global Sustainability through the profitable and efficient use of resources.


Our Mission

Partner with the world’s leading energy intensive companies to deliver significant energy cost and greenhouse gas emission reductions through systemic change in their energy use.

Our Values


  1. Environmental Sustainability: Our work is driven by a deep care for the environmental sustainability of the planet. We deeply value environmental sustainability. The natural environment is currently under significant pressure from the effects of human induced climate change. This is principally caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Energy efficiency, according to the IEA, is forecast to be the single biggest contributor to stabilizing global temperatures. Energy efficiency is the lowest cost means of reducing carbon emissions. Our work and achievements in the heavy industrial sector is proof that energy efficiency opportunities are currently untapped. Our passion for the environment drives us to always do better, motivates us to find more savings and get surprising and impressive results.
  2. Leadership: We are committed to lifelong learning. We lead with authenticity , we lead ourselves, our teams, create leaders of our clients and leaders in the communities in which we work. It is from this authenticity that we bring about change and inspiration as global energy leaders.
  3. Openness: We are open and share our truth from a place of authenticity. We are open-minded, listen to others from a place of non-judgment and we welcome feedback from others. What matters to us most is getting results, which we achieve by getting out of our own way, and valuing the opinion of our clients.
  4. Teamwork: Our business is built on teamwork. We measure the success of our client engagement when the Ensight team is seamlessly integrated into the client team. We are more effective and successful when we work as a powerful team.
  5. Determination: We stay the course on our projects; irrespective of the obstacles, barriers, mis-steps and challenges that arise. We keep the end in mind and make the impossible possible.
  6. Professionalism: As a team of professionals, we consistently produce work of impeccably high standards, take personal responsibility for our own development, our safety and the safety of our colleagues and clients, the impacts of our projects, and the ethics and integrity of our actions. We deeply care about what our client’s perceive about us and our work.

We Put Safety First

At Ensight, our commitment to Zero Harm is absolute. We will never compromise the safety of our people or others as we strive to meet our client’s needs. We believe that by addressing the efficient use of natural resources, we will simultaneously deliver a healthier, safer, cleaner and more secure future for all humankind.

The health and safety of our team members and providing them with a safe workplace is essential to our productivity and the career satisfaction of our team. We will ensure our staff are trained in the policy, procedures and regulatory requirements of health and safety so that they are empowered to stay healthy and remain safe in the conduct of their work.

We will ensure our team’s expectations align with those of our clients, most of whom also have an uncompromising ‘zero harm’ approach to safety issues. The Energy Leadership Program requires that we design our solutions to meet production targets without compromising the health or safety of our clients’ plant operations.
Ensight is proud to have achieved an injury- free Zero Harm record.

Environmental Sustainability is our Future

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our Vision and what we stand for. Our business is built on a commitment to maximise the efficient use of all resources – materials, water and energy – and minimising waste. We not only demand compliance with our legal obligations to avoid environmental harm, and implement systems to meet international environmental standards, but strive to achieve outcomes that go beyond compliance to deliver best practice environmental outcomes that contribute to a more sustainable world.

In our own practices and through our projects, we excel at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help our clients address the glob al challenge of climate change effectively and profitably. For more information on our impact, please refer to Our Achievements.

Supporting Local Communities

Ensight believes that it has a fundamental responsibility to assist in improving the quality of life of communities in the areas in which we operate. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is thus aligned to our company’s strategy.
We are dedicated to making a positive, sustainable and measurable impact on these communities through investing in improving the quality of life of communities, particularly to overcome disadvantage.

We will make this contribution by focussing our social investments on:

  • Supporting the education of children in schools;
  • Promoting Eco-schools and Sustainability Education;
  • Supporting or delivering Sustainable Energy initiatives in local communities
  • Providing scholarships and bursaries for tertiary education, particularly in skills that will support sustainable futures
  • Assisting in providing learning materials and, if needed, school uniforms
  • By working with local communities, local schools and social groups Ensight aims to foster a culture of learning and awareness of the benefits of sustainability and resource efficiency.